About Us

Easy going rentals with a family company

We are a family company in Barcelona and Tamariu and we offer various short-term rental apartments Barcelona and in the little town of Tamariu (in the coast).

We try to offer the best possible experience to our costumers by having few apartments and taking care of them at all times.

The Team

Margarita Casadesús

Margarita Casadesús

English / Spanish / Italian / French

Aurélien Luciani

Aurélien Luciani

English / Spanish / Catalan / French

Maria Batlló

Maria Batlló Casadesús

English / Spanish / Catalan / Italian

Pol Batlló

Pol Batlló

English / Spanish / Catalan

Work With Us


If you own an apartment in Barcelona or Tamariu and would like to rent it with us, first, there are some things you should know. We are quite selective with the properties we offer in our website, so please, contact us if you think your property is good enough.


If you rent your apartment with us, we will provide you with any management tools you may need so you have, at any time, full access to all of the bookings details, availability and so on. You, on the other hand need to keep on improving the apartment at any chance you get. The better the apartment, the more rentals you will get.


Once the apartment is added onto the website, you will get a username and password so you can check at any time how many bookings your apartment has. In the administration zone you will also have access to many other features that will allow you to, for example: Reduce the prices for an apartment, block some dates in which you may need your apartment for yourself, change the seasons, add features, change the pictures, etc.