Frequent Asked Questions

How does the booking process work?

Following some simple steps you can book an apartment with us.
Please read our section on how to book.

How do I pay for the booking?

Please read the guide on how to book.

Do I have to leave a security deposit (bail)?

Yes, we do ask for a damage deposit from the clients. The deposit (200€ if nothing else is specified in the booking) will have to be submitted upon arrival and will be returned during the check-out procedure assuming there has been no damage inflicted to the apartment.

What happens if I break something?

If you do break something, please contact us or call the contact phone so we can fix/replace whatever has been broken.

What is the check in and check out time?

The apartments are available from 2:00 pm (14:00 hours). The departures are usually scheduled before 11:00 am (11:00 hours). If you need to leave the apartment later than that or check in earlier than 2:00 pm, please let us or your contact person know and we'll do everything we can to accommodate to your needs.

How will I get the apartment keys?

Whenever you get to the apartment, your contact person that has been assigned to you will hand you the keys. You will also have to pay the rental money that hasn't yet been submitted and submit the damage deposit fee.
The contact person will also walk you through the apartment and explain its details. Don't hesitate asking anything at all.

Will I have to clean up the apartment whenever I leave?

The apartments are always cleaned up before the client gets there. Before leaving it, though, we do ask our clients to leave the apartment a little picked up, which includes cleaning the dishes and throwing away the generated garbage.