Booking Conditions


  1. You will have to inform us about your arrival at the apartment at least 24 hours before the check-in. You can do this by e-mail, replying to the e-mail you will get from us with the information you need to access the apartment.
  2. The apartment will be ready for the number of people you booked for at 3:00pm (all beds are not prepared by default). If you are planning on getting to the apartment before that, please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate to your need!
  3. If you need extra towels or sheets, they need to be hired at least 2 days before arriving, otherwise we cannot guarantee to have it ready or you.
  4. Check-ins are mainly self-check-in,keys will be ready for you upon arrival, and you'll find all the instructions in Rental Ninja Guests App, loging in with your reservation number, provided on the notification email regarding your check-in, received 10 days prior to arriving. If you haven't downloaded Rental Ninja Guest App to access the apartment's details to check-in, give us a call 30 minutes before arriving and we'll indicate you how to get in!
  5. The Security Deposit will also be submitted that same moment thourgh a pre-authorization (not an actual charge) performed on your card, which will not actually be charged but just blocked in your card.
  6. Please don't pay the damage deposit using the App, as it will then be an actual payment and the refund will not be automatic. Instead, give us a call before arriving and we'll perfom a pre-authorization on your card, which is a temporary block and automatic release of the money in a week time.
    If, in any case, you do pay through the App, make sure to e-mail us with the banc account number to refund it to (IBAN and SWIFT codes).
  7. Please inform us on the day of arrival, in case of damages or other pre-existing problems in the apartment. Anything notified a posteriori will not exempt them from liability, if any.


  1. The latest check-out time will be at 10.30 am the latest -if no other time has been arranged between the clients and the contact person. If you need to leave the apartment later than that, please let the contact person know so he/she can try to accommodate to your needs.
  2. The Security Deposit will be automatically released by your own bank after a week up to 14 days, if the pre-authorization has not been confirmed by the stablishment due to damages, disturbs or complaints from neighbors.